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NIT Companion

Convenient, Accurate and Reliable Information

NIT Companion is our branded closing cost app that provides you with the tools you need for your next listing and when meeting with prospective buyers. It is designed for real estate professionals like you and has calculators, customizable marketing materials and quick access to generate buyer estimates and seller net sheets.

NIT mobile app screen view

How Does it Work?

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Bank Shot app is free to download

Download the app from the app store to your phone. You must type in the complete name in order to locate the app. Look for the app tile with the white rhino and blue background.

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Easy Signup & Straight Forward

After selecting SIGN UP the first piece of information required will be the company code*. This code lets you connect to this company only. Follow the prompts and submit all required information.

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Take a Picutre

When taking pictures of the front and back of the check please make sure you are taking the picture as a landscape/horizontal picture. Make sure to use a dark background, so all four corners of the check are visible.

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Submit & Sent

Double check all information is entered correctly. Be sure to confirm the dollar amount entered matches the check amount. Select Submit and the office will be able to review it immediately in our secure portal.

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After the office has received and reviewed your secured submission you will receive confirmation and funds will be deposited instantly.

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Save Time & Stay Compliant

It’s that simple! No driving checks around. Saving you time and miles. You can use it day or night. Track and receive quick updates to have peace of mind knowing you are staying compliant.